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15.05.2017 Extended range of load cells

Penko Engineering, Ede, the Netherlands, has added 7500kg and 10,000kg capacity versions to its range of off-the-shelf Spanish manufactured Utilcell shear beam load cells, thereby completing its 350 Series. For process weighing applications these cells are reported to be reliable, accurate and easy to install. Moreover their industrial characteristics, manufactured completely of stainless steel and hermetically sealed, make them well suited for any application. The measuring principle, the determination of shear, avoids undesired influences such as from side forces. This popular model had previously been available in capacities from 300 up to 5000kg. The standard protection classes are IP68 and IP69K. The entire range can be used for 3000 d trade applications. 
Penko’s product range includes a variety of ancillary products including loading assemblies, amplifiers, display panels and software for data capture and display. The company also stocks load cells and weigh modules from other leading manufacturers including Tedea Huntleigh, Flintec, Ascell, Revere and Sensortronics. 
Uticell M35010 available from Penko Engineering

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