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15.05.2017 Magnetic separator ensures quality of craft ale malt

Eclipse Magnetics, Sheffield, UK, has supplied a high-intensity magnetic separator to the Tivetshall St. Margaret, Norwich, malting plant of Simpsons Malt. Eclipse Magnetics installed the EasyClean housed grid magnet at the final stage of Simpsons’ malting process, ensuring all contamination is effectively removed from the malt before it is bagged up and allowed to be sold. The malt falls through an extended section of pipework before it reaches the magnetic separator. Pat Richards, chief engineer at Simpsons Malt said: “The housed grid is perfect for this application. We are very pleased with its performance and will more than likely be ordering more of the units as the business continues to grow.”
The craft maltings in Tivetshall St Margaret has five roasting drums for the production of speciality-roasted malts, including both base malt and roast house production. With the capacity to produce over 68,000t of malt each year for ale, lager and speciality roasted malts, the plant was recently extended to accommodate the company’s state of the art bagging facilities and warehouse.
Before the finished product can be released to the customer, Simpsons must ensure that the malt is free from any metal contaminants. The Eclipse Magnetics housed grid magnet is suitable for the removal of fine metal and para-magnetic contaminants from a range of dry free flowing products including grains. This high intensity magnetic housed grid offers high levels of contamination removal and fine particle separation in the most demanding processing environments. The unit comprises a 9000 gauss rare earth magnet incorporated into an easy clean grid, which is secured into the housing by ‘quick release’ swing clamps to ensure that even pressure is generated around the food-grade seal. 
The housed grid magnet at Simpsons Malt 

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