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22.05.2017 Advanced dust collector: shape defines performance

Donaldson Filtration Deutschland, Haan, Germany, reports that the objectives of increased cleaning performance with lower differential pressure, easy handling and maintenance have been achieved with the company’s latest development, the DOWNFLO® EVOLUTION (DFE) dust collector. Donaldson engineers  have developed a filter cartridge with the shape of a rounded triangle . These ‘triagonal’ cartridge filters with Ultra-Web® filter media guarantee optimum airflow conditions and the filter cakes can be removed effectively using the automatic, compressed air-saving MaxPulse pulse cleaning system. In addition, the new design of the filter cartridges  results in significantly more compact dimensions for the dust collector. Depending on the application, the number of cartridges can be reduced by up to 40% in comparison with conventional cartridge filter systems. The quick-release fasteners on the ‘triagonal’ cartridge filters can be opened and closed at a touch without any tools. 
The DOWNFLO EVOLUTION dust collector was developed in accordance with practical needs and permits use in a wide spectrum of applications, from pharmaceutical and food industries through metal and glass processing to laser cutting technology for volumetric flows from 2500 to 150,000m3/h. 
DOWNFLO EVOLUTION (DFE) dust collectors with ‘triagonal’ filters; the shape of these cartridge filters (below) helps ensure perfect flow conditions and the filter cakes can be removed efficiently using the automatic MaxPulse pulse cleaning system

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