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05.06.2017 High-capacity palletizer for open mouth bags

TMI (Técnicas Mécanicas Ilerdenses), Lleida, Spain, has introduced the ILERPAL W high-production palletizer, designed for open-mouth bags that require overlapping. It is capable of palletizing up to 1400 bags per hour, depending on stacking pattern and pallet height. Its name includes the letter ‘W’ because the machine is mainly designed for woven polypropylene (WPP) sacks. It is a load-bearing palletizer that stacks the sacks through a robotic clamp. Kinetic machine movements are reduced to a minimum thanks to a telescopic belt that runs together with the clamp, so that the belt delivers the bags directly to the clamp in its bag unloading position. This special feature increases the palletizer’s output, while at the same time reducing electricity consumption.
ILERPAL W provides high stacking quality thanks to the overlapping of sacks, in combination with the mobile platform and the conditioning of the five sides of the pallet, i.e. consolidation at the four sides and levelling each layer. It is also a compact machine, transportable in a container, and is versatile because it adapts to any width of pallet. It is additionally very versatile as it can accommodate sacks within the range 5-50kg without needing any manual adjustment to the palletising formats. The first of these machines has been purchased by a major flour mill.
The versatile ILERPAL W provides a stable overlapping sack palletising format; it was shown at last month’s interpack where the TMI stand (pictured below) welcomed many international visitors and received a 20% increase in sales leads compared to the 2014 interpack

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