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05.06.2017 Micro-ingredient weighments system for petfood

Game Engineering, Witham St Hughs, UK, has delivered a further micro-ingredient weighments system to a petfood manufacturer which already reports considerable improvements in product consistency. The first such weighments system was originally designed in-house as part of a much larger project for a major animal feeds manufacturer. The key requirement was the need to remove the time consuming hand-weighing element of the production while, at the same time, speeding up the delivery of ingredients and improving accuracy. This was over 10 years ago and, with normal routine maintenance the system is still working perfectly well.
Since then Game has delivered and installed a number of micro-ingredient weighments systems and, because these are machines that are manufactured to order, each one has been tailored to the customers’ specific requirement. The system consists of between six and 10 mezzanine-mounted ingredient bins, each normally with a capacity of up to 1000kg. The contents of each bin are automatically discharged into the weigher until the correct weight is reached and then transferred down into a central weigh hopper which is mounted on load cells. Once all the bins are discharged and the contents of the weigh hopper pneumatically conveyed onwards, the entire process is repeated automatically. A bucket filter fitted with a reverse jet minimises any dust during the filling process. 
The Game Engineering weighing system

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