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05.06.2017 Cryogenic screw heat exchanger

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, has developed a cryogenic screw heat exchanger which is designed to prepare bulk material for grinding prior to further processing. On leaving the screw the bulk goods are ready for grinding, for example in a pin mill. This heat exchanger is also suitable for processes where it is important that the products must cool within a short period of time, for example in the food industry or in chemical processes to ensure certain product properties.
Owing to the extremely low temperature, tough products or products that are sensitive to heat input can be reduced more effectively and efficiently. The cryogenic screw freezes the product in a short time by using several nozzles that provide addition of liquid nitrogen. The screw heat exchanger is fitted with paddles that ensure thorough mixing of the product and the nitrogen. The conveyor has a twin-walled casing with vacuum for insulation. The screw is easy to remove from the body using a demountable flange on the outlet side. This makes the screw quick and easy to clean. 
Van Beek’s cryogenic screw heat exchanger showing (below) the liquid nitrogen infeed points

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