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19.06.2017 Improved dust capture for injection moulders

Pelletron, Lancaster, PA, has introduced an upgraded version of its C-20 DeDuster® which was launched in 2014. During the intervening years it has proved popular with injection moulders owing to its simple operation, good cleaning performance and economical price. Capable of processing up to 45kg/h of dry granular material, it is said to be the most effective dust removal system of its type on the market.


Weighing just over 9kg, the C-20 DeDuster requires only about 26cm of installation height between the hopper loader and inlet hopper of an injection moulding machine. Latest innovations include a variable-speed stepper motor for rate control, a stainless steel agitator, a window to view product flow for easier set up and a high-efficiency cyclone for dust separation. Pelletroneurope is located in Bodnegg, Germany 
Latest version of the Pelletron C-20 DeDuster

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