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03.07.2017 Second silo for storage of thermoplastic raw materials

Barton Fabrications, Portishead, UK, has supplied a second 60t capacity plastic granule storage silo to global distributor and compounder of technical thermoplastics, Albis UK Ltd. The silos have been installed as part of Albis’ expansion of its bulk supply of thermoplastic raw materials including polypropylene, nylon and ABS. The company compounds and distributes thermoplastic materials for injection moulding in quantities from 25kg bags all the way through to 25t tanker loads. On site storage of finished polymer is an essential part of its service as this ensures rapid turnaround of orders.   
Commenting on the project Mark Barton, MD and owner of Barton Fabrications said: “Although the installation of the silos was fairly simple, proximity to Manchester Airport meant we had to get approval before we could take cranes on site to carry out the lifting procedure. We were happy to do this; it is all part of the service we offer to ensure trouble-free silo installation.” 
Latest Barton silo to be installed at the Albis Knutsford, UK, site

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