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10.07.2017 World’s first third party approved quick suppression system

Firefly, Stockholm, Sweden – specialising in fire and explosion protection technology – is believed to be the first company to have conducted and passed tests according to the test protocol for Quick Suppression Systems: DFL TM170307-1261. It has been developed by DFL, an ISO/IEC 17025 certified test laboratory, accredited to conduct full scale fire-tests. 
A quick suppression system is defined as a fixed automatic discharge fire suppression system, including flame detection, water mist suppression and control system, with strict demands on rapid system response times and fast extinguishing performance. The system is designed for detection and suppression of fires/flames around critical machinery and/or high-risk areas with remarkable flame suppression capabilities, utilising a very small amount of water.
When protecting critical machinery or high-risk areas from fires, the response time of a fire protection system is essential. The quicker a fire can be detected and extinguished, the less damage it will cause. It is also important that the extinguishing action itself should not affect the machine or sensitive equipment around the machine. 

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