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10.07.2017 Asia’s largest milk powder production facility

GEA, Düsseldorf, Germany, reports that its Indian office has received a major order from the AmulFed Dairy (formerly Mother Dairy) in Gandhinagar, India, a unit of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). The order, said to be worth a ‘lower double-digit, million-euro figure’, is for a new turnkey dairy plant for the production of 150t/day of skim milk powder and 120t/day of dairy whitener/baby food. The milk powder plant is scheduled to begin production in 2018. When completed, it will be the largest skim milk powder and dairy whitener plant in Asia.
The facility, to be installed on a turnkey basis by GEA, will process around 90,000 litres/hour of milk to produce multiple value-added products. AmulFed already has two milk powder plants at the same location supplied by GEA. The new plant features GEA’s most technically sophisticated safety system and uses hygienic architectural design principles to make it one of the most advanced the company has built to date. Innovative features will include: inclusion of GEA SANICIP™ bag filters in series with cyclones to collect powder fines, save product and reduce emissions to the atmosphere; a GEA sifter to provide a uniform distribution of the powder particles and, therefore, a more homogeneous final product; it will also be equipped with powder packing and a conveying system from GEA. The plant will be designed to operate in fully automated mode. This includes powder production, conveying, storage, packing, final packed product conveying and a complete management information system. 
Milk silos at AmulFed, Gandhinagar, India

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