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17.07.2017 Food-grade IBCs and drums for Suiker Unie products

Schütz, Selters, Germany, reports that its Foodcert intermediate bulk containers and drums are currently being used by Dutch sugar producer Suiker Unie for storage and transport of dry sugars as well as syrups. 
"Cleanliness, security and quality are the pillars on which our company rests – from beet growing on the fields all the way to packaged sugar on supermarket shelves", said Wim Peltenburg, QSHE co-ordinator at Suiker Unie. The company currently has five factories in the Netherlands. Depending on the consistency of the product, the Dutch company transports its sugar in Schütz Foodcert models. "We pack roughly 10 products from our entire range in 1000-litre IBCs from this line because they meet our highest standards regarding food safety and hygiene," explained Peltenburg. As a full IBC can weigh up to 1400kg, the packaging needs to be robust. Schütz produces IBCs which comfortably meet these requirements. To increase stability, these containers are also fitted with corner guards.
Schütz produces Foodcert packaging just-in-time on the basis of individual customer orders: the IBC inner bottles are immediately transferred to final assembly after production and inserted. Each process and each component are uniquely assigned to the relevant packaging, and all steps and components are free from silicone. The identification of the packaging through a barcode system enables seamless traceability right back to batch and process level.   On request, Schütz can also assign individual identification numbers for articles or packaging. 
For Suiker Unie the new Foodcert IBCs offer just-in-time production and seamless traceability

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