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17.07.2017 New line increases capacity at Swiss fertiliser manufacturer Hauert

Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich, Hardheim, Germany, has supplied a new production line with multiple mixers to Hauert HBG Dünger AG in Grossaffoltern, Switzerland, a supplier of special fertilisers for horticultural use by gardeners and nurseries. The fertilisers were originally sold as powder, but from 1969 have been produced as granulate using a wet granulating process provided by an EIRICH DZ 22 mixer.
This latest contract included engineering development for the entire production line which was installed in an existing building at the Suberg site. Drawing up the plans for the different systems on the line presented a major challenge for the Eirich project team. Besides the mixing granulators, the company supplied all of the conveyor equipment for the raw materials as well as the equipment for treatment, storage and transport of the fertiliser premix and for dosing, weighing, fluid bed drying and classification. It also provided the steelwork including the engineering design as well as the line control system, and carried out installation.
As mentioned above, Hauert has been using an Eirich mixer in production for nearly 50 years. The company was aware that this mixer with rotating mixing pan and a mixing tool which can deliver low to extremely high mixing energy as required is equally suited for mixing, granulating and coating. The new line can handle a large variety of products, making it a good investment in the long term. 

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