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24.07.2017 Bagged milk powder with residual oxygen below 2%

GEA, Düsseldorf, Germany, in the second quarter of 2017 won a contract to supply a complete milk powder processing plant to Open Country Dairy in New Zealand including modified atmosphere packing (MAP) that consistently provides a residual oxygen (RO) level in the sealed 25kg bags of just two per cent at the time of packing. The total project value was in the lower double-digit million euro range, of which €3 million was for the MAP technology.
If packaged milk powder is exposed to high levels of oxygen, this can seriously affect its flavour and shelf life. GEA’s MAP technology ensures that the residual oxygen level in the bags is sufficiently low to prevent any significant deterioration in product quality while it is in transit to customers in China and the Middle East.
The key to achieving the required RO is in the process. GEA has used its RBF 1200 Li (limited intervention) packing line at Open Country Dairy. The system uses pre-gassing, in which the bag is filled with inert gas to exclude oxygen prior to filling. The bag is then held steady by the top, thereby reducing movement and any air disturbance in the product. The bottom up filling technique prevents additional air being introduced into the product during filling and the bag sealer forces out any remaining gas on final closure. 
GEA’s RBF 1200 Li packing line

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