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24.07.2017 Air-supported belt conveyor

Poeth, Tegelen, the Netherlands, has designed a new AirConveyor which is said to require 75% less maintenance costs after around three years’ operating time and consumes significantly less energy compared to other types of conveyor. This air-supported conveying system is suitable for damage-free transport of bulk goods over short or extremely long distances. It is quiet in operation (<80dbA) and dust-tight, thus causing minimum impact on the environment.
The conveyor belt floats on a cushion of air provided by a perforated channel and compact, specially designed fans. By providing a constant supply of exactly the right quantity of air, Poeth has succeeded in creating a powerful air cushion directly under the conveyor belt. This makes it possible to raise the belt, along with the bulk goods it carries, and keep it airborne based on the same principle as that used by a hovercraft. Only one conveyor roller, located in the drive, tensioning and belt return station, is needed to set the belt in motion. The AirConveyor eliminates 95% of all moving parts in comparison to traditional belt conveyor systems. As a result, it is subject to far less friction. Fewer moving parts result in much less maintenance and negligible conveyor belt wear. Fewer rotating parts also generate less heat.  
An advantage of belt conveyors is that they transport products without agitating them. Consequently, the AirConveyor is ideally suited for conveying fragile, explosive and sticky raw materials without risking separation. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and is also available according ATEX and food-grade guidelines (FDA, EC 1935/2004 and 3.1B material certificates).
AirConveyor from Poeth 

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