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24.07.2017 Reglassing of process vessels

De Dietrich Process Systems, Stassbourg, France, is offering a service whereby older or damaged glass-lined steel equipment can be refurbished to an as-new condition using the company’s enamel spraying technology.  All glass-lined reactors, tanks, columns, and accessories such as covers, agitators and baffles, can be reglassed if the steel substrate is in good or repairable condition.
The process starts once a vessel has been inspected and approved as suitable for reglassing. Next, the old glass lining is removed by shot-blasting.  After any steel repairs and modifications are complete, De Dietrich proceeds with the glassing process. This involves fusing corrosion-resistant DD3009 enamel on to the prepared steel in its computer-controlled electric furnaces. The end product is a high quality, glass-lined steel vessel or accessory. Reglassing, which is also offered for competitors’ equipment, is said to be ideal for situations where time and cost are a primary issue.  The turnaround time is within weeks compared to months to fabricate a new vessel and there is nearly a 35% cost savings compared to buying a new vessel.  Many companies also find reglassing, which is considered a maintenance budget expenditure, preferable to new capital expenditure. All vessels reglassed by De Dietrich Process Systems come with the same standard warranty as new vessels. 
Refurbished vessel before and after De Dietrich reglassing treatment 

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