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24.07.2017 Eco-friendly silo venting

WAMGROUP, Ponte Motta di Cavezzo (MO), Italy, some 20 years ago introduced the SILOTOP® which has since become a global benchmark for silo venting and dedusting applications. To keep pace with increasingly stringent laws on environmental protection in many countries, the company has recently introduced the SILOTOP ZERO. This new silo-venting filter is not just an evolution of its predecessor. With its new ABSOLUTE filter media, SILOTOP ZERO makes silo venting more eco-friendly, reducing dust emission to less than 1mg/Nm3. Thanks to the new ABSOLUTE filter technology, this latest model provides high-performance features on a much smaller filter surface area than the previous model, SILOTOP R03, i.e. 14m2 compared to 24.5m2.


SILOTOP ZERO offers its users various benefits that reportedly cannot be matched by any conventional silo-venting filter. The collector is equipped with four ABSOLUTE, EPA-class POLYPLEAT® filter elements entirely manufactured by WAM. It is able to handle peak flow rates of 1600Nm3/h at low can velocity. The special design of the air jet cleaning system, which is integrated into the hinged weather protection top cover, ensures low air consumption of merely 1.8Nm3/h. The total weight of the collector of only 72kg facilitates installation, while its body rim height of just one metre makes filter element replacement particularly straightforward for maintenance personnel. 
SILOTOP ZERO, which is said to offer a particularly attractive price/performance ratio, has a stainless steel housing; the unit is interchangeable with its predecessor, SILOTOP R03

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