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07.08.2017 MTI expands test plant and launches new series of hygienic laboratory mixers

MTI Mischtechnik, Detmold, Germany, for a number of years – thanks to its comprehensively equipped in-house R&D centre – has acquired a reputation as a highly efficient partner in the development of tailor-made mixer technology. With its most recent expansion, the company's laboratory provides more scope, for example for trials on a larger production scale, as well as a dedicated area for testing under ATEX conditions plus special rooms for mixing products subject to a high contamination risk. Since October 2016, MTI's experienced team has been reinforced by process engineer René Weiffen, who brings additional expertise to the task of resolving R&D challenges for, and with, MTI's customers. 
The company has also introduced a new line of laboratory mixers specially developed for food and pharma applications. They can also be flexibly adapted to the specific needs of diverse applications. They comply with rigorous hygiene requirements, whether in homogenising different recipe ingredients or as a friction mixer for carrying out thermal processes. Energy input is adjustable over a wide range via the machine’s rotational speed and hence, the peripheral velocity of the mixing tool. Moreover the mixture can be tempered by water introduced into the mixer’s double jacket. This new machine as well as other mixing innovations will be exhibited by MTI at POWTECH (on Stand 1-254). 
MTI’s newly expanded test plant and (below) one of the new line of hygienic laboratory mixers 

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