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07.08.2017 Further expansion in capability of weighing data collection software

Penko Engineering, Ede, the Netherlands, points out that producing is one thing, but knowing what has been made, where and how is an entirely different matter. This question the recently upgraded PENKO program TP Datareporter can answer quickly, thoroughly and clearly. Each weighing and dosing action is transferred directly with component/product information, pre-set and actually dosed gross or net weight, time and date as a CSV file to an overhead system. Thanks to the chosen format, the information is directly entered into Windows-oriented programs, such as Excel or Windows. For the user, this offers the advantage that the information can be imported into existing files and file formats, so no parallel administrations are created.
The latest development is that this package is now suitable for multiple weighers or weighing controllers, up to 15 units. As a result, it is no longer necessary to use one package per weigher. So now users can import and process data from the various weighing systems integrated into their computer system. Moreover, the information now is available as a My SQL file too. 
With TP Datareporter information is directly entered into Windows-oriented programs such as Excel

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