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28.08.2017 Larger silo helps roofing firm cushion PVC powder supply/demand fluctuations

Barton Fabrications, Portishead, near Bristol, UK, has installed a seventh silo to store PVC powder at IKO Polymeric’s single ply roofing membrane production facility in Chesterfield. IKO Polymeric, which produces innovative solutions for flat / pitched roofs and the waterproofing industry, has installed the latest silo in response to demand created by expansion into Europe. 
The new storage vessel joins a bank of three existing Barton aluminium silos containing PVC feedstock and filler used in the production of roofing membranes. To provide extra capacity, the new silo is 4.2m x 15m and holds 90t of PVC powder, which is 25t larger than the current silos. When the original plant was built in 2012, IKO planned for an additional silo the same size as its existing vessels. However, rapid growth has led to the installation of this new, much larger silo which has nearly 40% greater capacity than the existing units. 
Commenting on the installation, Andrew McArthur, production manager at IKO Polymeric said: “In addition to meeting extra product demand, the larger silo provides additional on-site storage capacity to help ease logistical issues caused by the variable daily demand from our plant and two-week lead time for PVC feedstock.”
The Barton silo during installation at IKO’s Chesterfield site 

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