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28.08.2017 Versatile laboratory-scale vacuum dryer

AVA, Herrsching, Germany, has recently developed and constructed an advanced lab-scale vacuum dryer for a leading flame retardants research centre. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the machine can be easily installed on a laboratory table. It has been designed to process dust explosive materials under inert atmosphere, with the process temperature varying between 5° and 300 °C. This system has several functions to cover a wide range of application scenarios: heating and cooling with well defined product temperature profile; reacting and drying at required pressure level; a chopper for re-dispersal of agglomerates; a nozzle to inject liquid additives; heat insulation to protect the operator; and more. 
For laboratory use or frequent product changes, easy access of the machine for cleaning before changing the product is very important. This requirement has been fully taken into consideration in the machine’s design. The main door (although heated and heat insulated) can be fully opened and all the components installed inside the mixing drum can be removed individually. Re-assembly of the machine is quick and straightforward. 
Many similar machines have been supplied for a broad range of applications, including flame retardants, battery mass, catalysts, etc. Tests can be implemented on sophisticated processes such as mixing, drying, reacting, wetting and granulating… or any combination of these processes. AVA will be exhibiting on Stand 1-348 at POWTECH. 
The AVA lab-scale vacuum dryer showing (below) detail of front loading door

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