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04.09.2017 New WAM technology centre nears completion

WAMGROUP, Ponte Motta, Italy, reports that its new Technology Centre has reached its final construction phase. Built back to back with the existing R&D department and divided longitudinally into two sections, one side of the new building will accommodate the company’s technical office and test laboratory. Conference rooms for meetings and training seminars are on the upper floor, the largest of these measuring 100 square metres, with capacity for up to 90 people.
The other side of the building with a floor space of nearly 1500 square metres and a ceiling height of 7m will house a permanent exhibition of the Group’s product range. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the design features and operating mode of the products on display, as well as their application. Completion is scheduled for spring 2018. 
Artist’s impression of the new WAM Technology Centre

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