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04.09.2017 Flexicon launches German language website

Flexicon, Bethlehem, PA, has introduced a German website to support its sales office opened just over a year ago in Aschaffenburg, north-west Bavaria, which is headed by regional sales manager Christian Löchler. “Our German-speaking customers and prospects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and neighbouring regions will now have easier access to information on Flexicon equipment and engineered systems online,” said David Gill, president.
The new website details the company's mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems; bulk bag conditioners, dischargers and fillers; bag dump stations; drum, box and container tippers; and weigh batching systems. Also listed are 750 materials handled by Flexicon equipment, including free- and non-free flowing products and blends. The site is also searchable and describes the company's full-scale test laboratories. Flexion operates manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Australia and South Africa. 
The homepage of the new website

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