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04.09.2017 Monitoring abrasion-free operation of rotary valves

Coperion, Weingarten, Germany, will be presenting Version 5.0 of its proven RotorCheck contact monitoring system for rotary valves on Stand 4-290 at POWTECH, Nuremberg  26 -28 September. In production and processing operations, this system registers, evaluates and reports unwanted contact between the rotor and housing in order to be able to prevent metallic abrasion and thus potential contamination of the product being conveyed. The newly introduced physical separation of measured value logging and evaluation electronics has advantages in terms of operation and maintenance, while the redeveloped control system provides advanced options for event diagnosis and connection to host systems. Furthermore, the use of extremely high-quality components contributes to longer uninterrupted running times.
The monitoring principle of the RotorCheck remains unchanged: an electrically conductive connection is created as soon as the housing and rotor come into contact. This is then registered by the control system. In the process, the software filters out coincidental measurement signal fluctuations – such as those caused by the product – and reports potentially dangerous faults to the customer’s control centre. The slip-ring rotor is designed for a service life of around five years and thus only requires around one tenth of the maintenance effort of comparable conventional products with a biannual replacement interval. Thanks to the new lower number of individual parts, Version 5.0 is easier to install and calibrate, which reduces the effort required for quick cleaning in particular. 
Version 5.0 of Coperion’s RotorCheck

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