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11.09.2017 Continuously operating magnetic separator

Goudsmit Magnetics, Waalre, the Netherlands, has recently developed a continuous cleaning Cleanflow magnet. This removes both iron and stainless steel from powders and other bulk goods, achieving throughputs of up to 200t/h. The system is suitable for installation in ATEX zone 20/22 and can be cleaned without stopping the product flow. It can be installed directly below the sieve or even just before the loading/packing point.
The Cleanflow magnet is designed to be easily integrated into existing production processes. It has been developed for applications such as those in the sugar industry. The increased demand for magnets for this industry has to do with the liberalisation of the European sugar market. The lifting of restrictions and the stricter requirements of food manufacturers has ramped up demand for magnets that filter both fine – from 10 micron – and coarse ferrous particles from product flows. Goudsmit will exhibit the magnet at POWTECH on stand 2-450. 
Open view of Goudsmit’s Cleanflow magnet

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