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18.09.2017 Hygienic double-cone container docking system

AZO, Osterburken, Germany, has introduced CleanDock®, a system for docking containers to upstream dosing units. As well as dustfree transfer between dosing units and mobile containers and decoupling from scales, it provides several key additional functions.
This is a double-cone system, consisting of a passive part on the container and an active part on the dosing unit. The passive part seals the opening with a spring-loaded lock. The drop tube, which is below the dosing unit and which feeds the product, is sealed with a cone in the active part of the CleanDock. When the container is docked, both housing parts (active and passive) are first joined and then locked. Thanks to the flexible connection built into the passive part, a dust-tight coupling is formed between the dosing unit and the container. The flexible connection is formed of air-permeable filter media. This ensures de-aeration of the container in the filling process and a reliable air supply flow during discharge. Typical of the CleanDock design is the line contact of the four components: active part of housing, passive part of housing, passive part of cone and active part of cone. This principle allows various containers to be docked below several different dosing points without risk of cross-contamination, a particular advantage when handling allergens. 
CleanDock allows mass flow rates of up to 25t/h. Several tens of thousands of operating cycles have already been implemented in continuous operation without need for maintenance measures. However, where automation and subsequent operating cycles are concerned, AZO claims that CleanDock is far superior to conventional split valve systems. This innovation will be exhibited by AZO at POWTECH on stand 1-356.
CleanDock from AZO

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