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25.09.2017 Palletizers to benefit from Allen-Bradley control software

Thiele Technologies, Minneapolis, MN, is planning in the near future to integrate Allen-Bradley control software on SYMACH palletizers. Thiele acquired SYMACH, based in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, in March of 2014.
SYMACH’s gantry-style palletising technology gives customers an alternative to robotic or conventional palletising by combining both into a novel machine which is designed to create consistently square and uniform pallets. The Allen-Bradley controls are also standard in many of Thiele’s bag-filling lines, which provide operators with the ability to use one control software/platform to manage an entire line.
“We installed a demo SYMACH palletizer at our Minneapolis facility, and invited several new and repeat customers to see it perform in person. When asked what obstacles prevented an order, they indicated that the control system/package is one of the major factors,” said Pat Hilger, product manager for bagging and palletising at Thiele. “Because customer trust is so important to what we do, we took the steps to overcome those obstacles to provide a superior product that meets the demands of our customers. We listened to what they needed and made those adjustments.” Thiele will be working in close association with its long-term supplier Rockwell Automation during the innovation process and expects to release the final product to the market in the spring of 2018.; 
Thiele Technologies is integrating Allen-Bradley control software on SYMACH palletizers

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