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25.09.2017 Dosing highly flammable dusts

AZO, Osterburken, Germany, has upgraded its DOSITAINER® by adapting it to a discharge base, thereby making it suitable for use with flammable dusts and fine powders. The DOSITAINER is a container with integrated dosing screw and is well suited for bulk solids transport and storage at medium throughputs. As a mobile storage container that can be automated, it is also used in automatic processing plants. The integrated dosing screw makes it possible to dose accurately into automatic weighing processes. The bulk solids are emptied from the AZO DOSITAINER by means of a discharge base. Both the container , which is rigid and stackable, and discharge base are designed to be suitable for highly flammable dusts with a minimum ignition energy of 1mJ ≤ MIE < 3mJ.
The DOSITAINER is positioned on the discharge base using an industrial truck. If vibratory discharge is provided, the unit is fixed in position manually or pneumatically. An optional, automatic identification system prevents risk of confusion between containers. The dosing screw is docked with minimal dust using the patented docking collar. The drive for the dosing screw is permanently installed in the discharge base. The additional vibratory discharge means that even bulk solids with poor flow characteristics are reliably discharged, and ensures uniform filling of the dosing screw. 
AZO DOSITAINERS plus discharge base: a system suitable for use with fine, ignition-sensitive powders 

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