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02.10.2017 Mixer designed for high-speed yet gentle homogenisation

Coperion, Weingarten, Germany, at last week’s POWTECH introduced its newly developed MIX-A-LOT mixer. As an optional addition to the compounding plants made by this manufacturer, the unit has been designed to ensure particularly efficient, high-speed and gentle homogenisation of the fed material. The readily accessible and easy to clean MIX-A-LOT is available in three sizes for throughput rates up to 5t/h and there is also an ATEX version. The surface of the mixing chamber can be electro-polished.
The combination of efficient mixing action and extremely short mixing time is due to the special design of the mixing rotor. Its low circumferential velocities and the optimum design of the gap between the rotor and the housing, permit gentle handling without particle destruction or heating of the product. The large inspection door on the front of the machine provides easy access to the entire process chamber. An additional opening at the discharge flap also facilitates inspection and cleaning of this section. As the unit is of vacuum- and pressure-resistant design, direct pneumatic feeding is possible without the need for a separate reception bin for pneumatic conveying. 
Coperion’s MIX-A-LOT provides cost-efficient, high-speed and also gentle mixing, while the rotor (below) ensures a combination of thorough homogenisation and shortest mixing time

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