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02.10.2017 Test plant for pneumatic conveying

Schenck Process, Darmstadt, Germany, has opened a new test centre which is dedicated to pneumatic conveying. The facility offers a choice of technologies, allowing the company to closely match the best solution to a customer’s specific requirements. The continuous dense phase pneumatic conveying system achieves extremely low particle breakage when handling highly sensitive bulk materials, while the dilute phase system can be optimised in terms of the best combination of capacity and efficiency. Both systems can be configured over 50m or 100m loops and are capable of capacities up to 15t/h.
The pneumatic test centre is co-located with test rigs to provide accurate trials involving weighing, feeding and transfer of bulk materials. Schenck Process first opened its bulk solids TestCenter at its Darmstadt headquarters in 2008. With the addition of the pneumatic test plant, customers can now view complete integrated solutions from tests run under full-scale, real-life conditions. They are now able to quantify energy requirements and degradation results for their specific products. Facilities at the test plant include: vacuum and pressure conveying, rotary valve outfeed station with optional intermediate bulk container (IBC) or belt weigher, as well as the patented E-finity® continuous dense phase conveying system for fragile materials and the Global Cleanable Airlock (GCA) which is well suited for food and pet food applications. 
Part of the test rig at the new Schenck Process Pneumatic TestCenter

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