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09.10.2017 Bulk flow transmitter

Berthold Technologies, Bad Wildbad, Germany, has introduced the new DuoSeries LB 472 radiometric bulk flow system, which is used for precise determination of flow rate and mass flow in bulk handling industries.  The non-contacting belt scale can be installed on standard belt conveyors, as well as on conveying systems where conventional mechanical weigh cell technology cannot be applied such as drag chain conveyors, bucket elevators or screw conveyors.
The DuoSeries LB 472 has been designed to provide a very stable measurement with repeatability of ±1% over years of operation. Thus, frequent recalibrations are not required. The system does not contain any moving parts and is therefore not impaired by encrustations or dirt, resulting in maintenance-free operation. The transmitter provides current flow rate, total solid mass and batch volume.
Applications of Berthold belt scales are found across a wide range of bulk handling industries from mining to the building materials industry, from chemical plants and power plants to the pulp and paper industry. Customers benefit from improved control in mixing processes, compliance with delivery contracts and optimal utilisation of loading capacities.
DuoSeries LB 472 from Berthold 

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