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09.10.2017 Third truck loader for Dutch logistics operator

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, has sold its third Dino mobile bulk truck loader to Wessem Port Services Group based in the Dutch town of Stein. There was good reason for this, said Wessem's commercial director Peter van Gemert. “We are very pleased with it, because of its flexibility, ease of cleaning, the relatively low investment and its value retention.”
Wessem was founded in 1968, and its activities include transport, storage, transhipment and processing of dry bulk goods, mainly powders and granules. The company serves the chemical industry, road/construction and recycling companies as well as traditional manufacturing industry. It started searching for a new loading method because its clients began asking for greater flexibility in the storage and processing of bulk materials. “For example, they asked whether we could load the goods from big bags into silo trucks or vice versa”, explained Van Gemert. “This is something we must be able to respond to satisfactorily, which we can now do with the Dino.”
Loading was previously achieved using only self-built systems, but they were not mobile, were harder to clean and needed a lot of maintenance. An important additional benefit of the Dino for Van Gemert is that peripherals can be added, such as dust extraction, chute, grid, access stairs or a break screw.; 
The third Dino purchased by Wessem Port Services shown in the background loading a road powder tanker 

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