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23.10.2017 Contract manufacture of food ingredients/toll powder blending

In mid-September Sternmaid GmbH & Co. KG officially opened its second production plant in Wittenburg, Germany. With the new facility, the contract manufacturer for food ingredients and powder supplements has increased its annual production capacity to 50,000t. The second production complex, covering an area of 5000m² opposite Plant 1, will in future be used for the manufacture of all retail products. The company has invested a total of some €15 million in its construction, thereby creating 50 new jobs. SternMaid now employs a staff of nearly 300. 
The company officially opened the new plant in the presence of Rolf Christiansen, head administrator of the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim, Wittenburg’s mayor Dr Margret Seemann and some 750 guests. As Torsten Wywiol, SternMaid’s managing director, commented: “The modern production plant reflects our aim of consistently offering our customers tailor-made, cost-effective and high-quality solutions in the fields of food and food supplements. By building this second plant we are increasing our overall capacity and putting ourselves in an even better position to meet the needs of our retail customers. In keeping with our motto ‘blending is our mission’, we will continue to be able to meet the demand for powder mixtures in full.” 
The new plant comprises about 2500m² for warehousing, 2,000m² for production and 500m² for technical equipment and is directly adjacent to the manufacturer’s existing factory. Every day, up to 200t of ingredients for the food industry are shipped from SternMaid and exported to over 100 countries around the world. 
The official opening of the new SternMaid plant, showing (from the left): Volkmar Wywiol, founder and managing director; Dr Margret Seemann, mayor of Wittenburg; TorstenWywiol, joint managing director; Rolf Christiansen, head administrator of the Ludwigslust-Parchim district authority; and Mark Riemer, commercial manager

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