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23.10.2017 Second Herbold plastics cleaning line for Rodepa

Herbold Meckesheim, Germany, has supplied another cleaning line for treatment of post-consumer plastics waste to Rodepa Plastics BV based in Hengelo, the Netherlands. This company is one of the leading plastics recyclers in the Benelux region, providing LDPE and PP regrind. It is a sister company of De Paauw Recycling, mainly exporting to the Far East. The first plant has been in operation for some 16 months.
The treatment system comprises a shredder with a downstream foreign body separation system, a friction washer, a wet granulator, a separation step, drying and air separation. The treated material is granulated in house or sold on as ground material. The highly efficient washing process involving friction washers combined with the wet granulator, as well as the effective wear protection concept and the very good cooperation during the manufacture of the first plant persuaded Rodepa to place this second order again with Herbold. 
Herbold’s plastics treatment plant at Rodepa seen from different angles 

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