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30.10.2017 Advantages of integrated screw conveyors

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, manufactures screw conveyors of all types and in all sizes, but it is not widely known that many projects require in excess of 20 screws. An XXL project may involve 20 to 40 screw conveyors that are fully aligned with each other and customised according to the client’s process. In addition to transporting bulk goods horizontally, at an angle and vertically upwards, these screws can also contribute to the actual process by weighing, dosing, sieving, compressing, buffering, mixing, heating or cooling products during transport.
If, in practice, belt conveyors, bucket elevators or pneumatic transport systems prove to be inadequate owing to cross-contamination between products or high maintenance requirements, manufacturers are increasingly choosing to replace them with screw conveyors, because open or closed screw conveyor systems are easy to maintain.
Van Beek reports that its screw conveyors are shown to best advantage when the company is asked to contribute to the configuration of a new plant. Everything is possible: horizontal and vertical transport or at an angle where space saving is a requirement. There is the option of fitting controls to the system, and the company can supply these in cooperation with its partners. More often than not, screw conveyors have proved to be the ultimate solution for transferring a product from A to B in challenging conditions, such as limited space or high temperatures. 
Part of a recent DSM project which involved multiple Van Beek screw conveyors

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