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30.10.2017 Cleanable airlock is ideal for food applications

Schenck Process, Darmstadt, Germany, has introduced the Global Cleanable Airlock (GCA) which has been designed for applications where dry, raw or finished products are being handled in a process where inspection or system clean-out are required. The GCA can handle high process rates and incorporates a number of sanitary features, making it especially suitable for use with food and petfoods. 
The GCA is available in standard and demountable versions. The standard model is a round inlet, round outlet rotary valve which incorporates seals and product contact surfaces which meet food safety requirements. The demountable unit is designed with a rail system that simplifies removal of the endplate/rotor assembly from the housing, providing access to the internal valve cavity, rotor pockets and all other product contact areas for fast and easy cleaning. The unit has been fabricated entirely from stainless steel, with the exception of the endplate bearings. The oversized rotor shaft has been designed to create a naturally radiused rotor pocket for more complete product release.  
Demountable version of the GCA from Schenck Process

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