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13.11.2017 High-speed bagging carousel

STATEC BINDER, Gleisdorf, Austria, has introduced the CIRCUPAC fully automatic bagging carousel which has a filling capacity of up to 1200 bags/h. Six loading spouts extend the filling time while permanent compression of the product is ensured by specially designed vibrating plates. The carousel rotates continuously and the machine is designed for open-mouth bags with a filling weight of 10 – 50kg. All movements are controlled by a single intelligent master servo drive-controller.
Powdered products such as wheat flour, rye flour, corn flour, pet or animal food, milk powder or baking mixtures are dosed by means of a double screw system. For highest precision a large screw carries out the coarse feed and a smaller one achieves fine feed into the weigh hopper. After weighing, the hopper opens and the product flows through a discharge chute into the bag which is placed on the filling spout. The bag is filled with the product while it is moving to the next station. The machine is CE-certified, has ATEX approval and all contact parts are stainless steel. 
STATEC BINDER’s new CIRCUPAC features a continuously rotating carousel

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