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27.11.2017 Grass seeds bagged, palletised and wrapped

Concetti, Bastia Umbra (Perugia), Italy, has recently delivered a complete automatic bag filling, palletising and pallet wrapping line to the Lincolnshire, UK, plant of Germinal GB, a leading supplier of forage and amenity agricultural seeds. The new line is intended to produce weighments within the range 5 – 25kg into open mouth flat plastified bags of various sizes at a minimum rate of 500 bags/hour. Plastified bags consist of laminated paper with an internal PP coating. These are then closed by sewing.  
The line begins with a small product feed hopper and net weigher for precision dosing of the weighments. An agitator in the feed hopper ensures consistent product flow and a gravity feedgate with brushless-motor drive gives precise, programmable control over the gate aperture size for accurate feeding across the entire weight range handling a wide variety of bulk densities from 0.25 to 0.45kg/litre.
Filling is carried out by a Concetti IGF600, a fully enclosed system fitted with a three-stack empty bag magazine that is easily and safely replenished without stopping the line.  The IGF600 contains everything needed to place, fill and close the bag without losing control of the mouth, which is gripped positively throughout the entire process, giving a consistent and reliable operation with a neat and secure closure.  A vibrator helps to compact the contents prior to the closing operation. The sewing head is fitted with a dynamic feed-in mechanism and a thread control device automatically stops the system if the thread runs out or breaks.   
Germinal’s fully automatic bagging line supplied by Concetti, showing (from right to left) IGF600 enclosed bag filler, label applicator, PS3A robot palletizer with automatic pallet dispenser, and automatic rotating arm stretch wrapper

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