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27.11.2017 Bunting Europe announces record sales figures

Bunting Magnetics Europe, Berkhamsted, UK, reports that it has had two consecutive months of record sales in September and October 2017. Sales in 2016 are said to have to have reached a new high for the European operation and in January the company acquired its UK magnetic separator and metal detector competitor Master Magnets.
Dave Hills, Bunting Europe’s head of sales, put the latest record figures into perspective: “Despite media reports of a potential slowdown in manufacturing and continued concerns about BREXIT, we [Bunting Europe] continue to see a growing demand for our products.  Our ongoing growth is the result of continued investment in our resources, both mechanical and personnel, whilst expanding our presence overseas.  It has been tough, but we continue to work hard to execute our strategic plan.” The latest figures do not include sales for the Master Magnets part of the business, which has also seen significant growth in 2017 since the acquisition. 
Dave Hills, Bunting Europe’s head of sales

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