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29.01.2018 SWR engineering becomes envea

SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH, Schliengen, Germany – which in October 2016 became part of the French Environnement Group (see EBS News for week of 20 March 2017) – is now trading under the envea™ brand name. The move has been initiated as part of the parent company’s development strategy to unite its technologies, production sites and sales subsidiaries. 

Environnement has set up a new organisation focused on its three core businesses: ambient air, industry & process, and emissions. It is accelerating organic development and growth through an ambitious unified research, development and innovation programme, and is also continuously targeting first-class acquisitions. 
With the recent acquisition of companies such as UK-based PCME (continuous particulate emission measurement systems, flue gas flow meters and devices for measuring the performance of industrial filtration systems – see EBS News for week of 11 August 2014), SWR engineering Messtechnik (systems for the detection and measurement of bulk solids), and UK-based TDL Ltd (gas analyzers based on the use of high-resolution lasers), projects and skills are being combined, streamlining and accelerating the development of the most advanced analysis technologies for gas, flow and particulate measurements. The group’s aim of reaching a turnover close to €80 million is about to be achieved and it is preparing to exceed its target of €100 million by 2020.; 
SWR engineering’s new logo

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