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05.02.2018 FFS bagging and open-mouth bag filling from one machine

Votech, Reusel, the Netherlands, using detailed feedback obtained from its customers, recently designed a completely new packaging machine for both form-fill-seal (tubular) bags and open-mouth bags as well. This combination machine is available in two versions: one offering axial bag transport and the other sideways bag transport:
The first of these versions is able to handle tubular bags and open-mouth bags ranging from 2kg up to 50kg capacity. There are three possibilities for dosing the products – by volume, by weight or bottom up. This machine can be designed for free flowing or non-free flowing products. The forward movement of the bags takes place by means of a specially developed dynamic linear construction of low maintenance design. Bags are closed by a single or double sealing beam. A pinch-top sealing unit, vacuum unit and label printer can also be incorporated.
The second version is suitable for a wide range of products and types of bags. Tubular bags, open-mouth paper bags, PE bags with or without a zipper, aluminium foil bags and PP bags can be processed by this machine. The bags can be closed by various ways such as sewing with or without crêpe tape, sealing, pinch top or a combination of these.
Both machines have been designed to be very easy to operate and adapt. The operator is able to change over to another product or bag type within five minutes. Machine settings for a particular bag or product can be saved into the machine’s integral menu which the operator can select at a later time. Votech has already installed different types of bag filling machines within Europe for several customers, including those in horticulture, fertiliser, feed, food and pet food industries. The company, which also makes palletizers and stretch-hooders, is able to guarantee a 24/7 customer service.
Votech’s combination FFS bagging and open-mouth bag filling machine

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