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05.02.2018 IEP Technologies acquires Atexon Oy

Since its inception in 2009, Atexon has gained an international reputation for its innovative early spark detection and extinguishing solutions in dust applications. Just one of the company’s product innovations is its patented spark detector offering an extra-wide 180-degree field of view and a broad spark detection spectrum. These, together with an optional daylight filter, are unique product characteristics which provide highly reliable protection even under extreme conditions. 
HOERBIGER will use the IEP Technologies global distribution network to offer the range of  Atexon protection solutions. Atexon's CEO and R&D director Mika Vannas along with the company's management will remain in place. The team will offer its experience and expertise to all IEP Technologies customers and serve as a centre of excellence for the detection and extinguishing of sparks which can be an ignition source for industrial explosions.
"For HOERBIGER and IEP Technologies, the acquisition of Atexon Oy is an important milestone. Atexon´s innovative technical systems for the detection of sparks will further enhance our world-class explosion protection solution offerings, ensuring we can offer our customers a full range of effective explosion protection measures from a single source," said Randy Davis, president IEP Technologies.; 
Patented spark detector from Atexon

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