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12.02.2018 Ukranian paper sack manufacturer installs second W&H production line

Windmöller & Hölscher, Lengerich, Germany, has supplied a second sack production line to Pamibro, Ukraine’s largest manufacturer of paper sacks, which has been supplying the construction, chemical and food industries from its factory in the western city of Broshniv for more than 20 years.
Pamibro first invested in a W&H paper sack line in 2007. The latest system comprises an AM 8125 tuber, an AD 8320 bottomer, two TRANSYSTEMS automated material flow systems and an ARCOMAT 3 palletizer. This most recent investment is helping the company deliver cement bags and all-purpose sacks to its customers faster and more reliably. “With this investment, Pamibro can keep up with the ever rising demand for high-quality paper sacks – and it is also helping us to meet Ukraine’s tightening environmental protection regulations,” explained company owner Professor Ilya Shutak.
Ten years on from its installation, the original paper sack line is still running as smoothly as ever thanks to the attentive care and maintenance provided by the company’s specialist team. High productivity and quality have led to increased sales reaching far beyond the Ukrainian borders. Sacks made in Broshniv are now being delivered to the company’s key markets in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States and Czech Republic. Sales are also reported to be buoyant in other European countries including, notably, Italy and Poland. 
At the Pamibro plant in Ukraine, two Windmöller & Hölscher lines work almost around the clock to manufacture high-quality paper sacks
Pamibro’s owner Professor Ilya Shutak

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