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26.02.2018 RADAR sensor combines flexibility with high accuracy

Pulsar Process Measurement, Malvern, UK, has launched mmWAVE, a compact FMCW RADAR sensor that offers high accuracy, repeatable level measurement and compatibility with Pulsar’s full range of level controllers. That means that Pulsar customers can choose between mmWAVE RADAR and dB ultrasonic measurement without having to make any compromises in terms of functionality - they choose the right control solution and simply pair it with the appropriate measurement technology for the application.
Pulsar Process Measurement is a world leader in non-contacting level measurement with tens of thousands of installations worldwide. The success of the business has been built on reliable, repeatable measurement systems that have made difficult or seemingly impossible measurements such as dusty grain silos a reality. 
RADAR and non-contacting ultrasonic measurement are complementary non-contacting technologies – measuring level by signal analysis but excelling in different situations. RADAR is preferred where there is variation in temperature or changes in gas composition, and extremes of fog, haze, mist or rain, so users can now introduce Pulsar’s sophisticated control functionality into new applications. mmWAVE RADAR is a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) transducer with a 16m range and accuracy of ±2mm. FMCW RADAR is said to offer significant advantages over pulsed RADAR systems - higher resolution, better signal to noise ratio and better target discrimination.
A major benefit to customers is that mmWAVE sensors are compatible with existing Pulsar controllers already installed and used in the field, such as Ultra 3 and Ultra 5, meaning that sites can retrofit a RADAR sensor within their existing applications, redeploy Pulsar equipment across a wider range of applications for maximum flexibility, or test the performance of different measurement technologies without having to significantly reconfigure the device. 
mmWAVE sensor from Pulsar Process Measurement.

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