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26.02.2018 GEA broadens portfolio with extrusion and milling technology

Following its take-over of the Italian Pavan Group at the end of November 2017, the Düsseldorf engineering group GEA now owns a leading supplier of extrusion and milling technology for processing all kinds of fresh and dried pasta, pelleted snack products and breakfast cereals. The acquisition is seen as an important milestone in GEA’s growth strategy for further expanding food processing activities.
The Pavan Group is a strong and solid organisation, operating in the food industry as global supplier of industrial solutions, from the handling of raw materials to the final packaging. It has specialist expertise, for example, in the selection of the appropriate temperature and the speed at which the raw material is pressed through a nozzle. The nozzle design is crucial as well. Extensive application and equipment know-how is required in order to understand how to combine the various machines around the extruder. In future, GEA will be able to offer customers new high-quality and innovative process and automation solutions for deployment in stand-alone installations, but also complete turnkey systems. 
With head office in Galliera Veneta near Padua, Pavan employs a staff of around 680 at several production sites in Italy and China. In the 2016 financial year, the Italian manufacturer generated revenue of around €155 million. 
With the acquisition of the Pavan Group, GEA has gained specialist knowledge in extrusion and milling technology.

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