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26.02.2018 Food-grade grinding systems

NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik, Hanau, Germany, has recently introduced the CONDUX® 60 fine-impact mill, which is believed to be is the smallest complete grinding plant currently available on the market. This mobile system can fit through any standard doorway and can be equipped with various grinding tools and stators to suit the application. For this reason, the CONDUX 60 is particularly suitable for the flexible lab scale production of materials with a Mohs hardness of up to 3 - 3.5, for feasibility studies or for the manufacture of smaller product charges. 
Another recent innovation from NETZSCH is the availability of new tools with the CONDUX fine-impact mill. This proven system is equipped with a grinding disc with grinding track as well as an integrated dynamic air classifier. It is particularly efficient if the desired final fineness cannot be guaranteed with conventional screenless pin mills or blast mills equipped with screens. This version of the CONDUX combines high grinding fineness (< 30μm) with an exact upper particle limit in an easy-clean and low-maintenance system. Unlike conventional classifier mills with two drives, the grinding disc and classifier wheel are torque-proof connected and driven by one mutual drive motor. In addition to this, by altering the height of the classifier wheel, a variable adjustment of the separation limit can be carried out in the simplest way possible. Both grinding machines will be exhibited on Stand C-080/C088, Hall 10.2 at Anuga FoodTec, Cologne, 20-23 March. 
Condux 60 fine-impact mill from NETZSCH

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