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05.03.2018 Standard Industrie celebrates 40 years of success

Standard Industrie International, Roubaix, France, which was established in 1978, designs equipment which facilitates storage, flow, conveying and cleaning of powdery bulk products. Its founder Hervé Simoëns came up with the idea that compacted powder can only be discharged from a silo with a large influx of air. He filed a patent and offered his solution to cement manufacturers with whom he achieved great success in France and internationally.
Since 1985, subsidiaries have been established in Europe and also in South Africa, China, Canada, USA and Mexico. A network of export sales representatives looks after eastern European countries, the Maghreb, Middle East, central Africa and Asia. 
Today the company offers four ranges of products and services:
AIRCHOC® air cannons for which it has held a patent for more than 30 years. More recently Standard Industrie developed MACSYS®, an air cannon with several heads which is well suited for hot areas and difficult access.
LIFTUBE® which is designed for use with belt conveyors to optimise their safety and sealing capabilities.
The company also designs and manufactures equipment for industrial vacuum cleaning.
It offers cleaning services as well as declogging of hoppers and silos by means of the GIRONET®, a mechanical device which can be used without stopping production and without need for the operator to enter the silo.
It also provides a maintenance service: tank inspections, upkeep of AIRCHOC systems, etc. The company currently has over 10,000 customers in nearly 90 countries, export revenue of 80% and 110 employees. The family business continues to be run by Hervé Simoëns, assisted in recent years by his daughter Laetitia Simoëns.  
AIRCHOC air cannons undergoing final inspection and painting before being despatched to customers

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