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26.03.2018 New managing director at Ajax

Ajax Equipment, Bolton, UK, has appointed Dr Eddie McGee as managing director, having been technical director at the company for over 10 years. He has more than 26 years’ experience in the solids handling and processing industry. He commented “Ajax has a great team, producing innovative, craft-built equipment for a wide range of solids handling and processing applications. It is really satisfying delivering performance enhancing equipment which truly delights our customers across many industries. Ajax holds much-valued industry knowledge and experience, along with a deep understanding of bulk solids behaviour. With our range of capabilities and innovation in product development I am very positive about the growth and future of the company”.
In making the announcement, Ajax chairman Lyn Bates said: “Eddie is a dedicated professional with outstanding experience in bulk technology and solving industrial solids handling problems. He will ensure that the company provides a world class service to all industries that handle and process bulk materials”. 
Eddie McGee

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