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02.04.2018 All-purpose screening machine

Spaleck, Bocholt, Germany, has extended its range of vibratory screeners with the introduction of the Evolution, a high-end machine which has been designed to make screening of the most diverse types of materials easier and more flexible than ever before. It is said to be ideal for screening and processing pre-shredded materials. It can be used to produce up to four different screening fractions with just a single machine, even in extreme outdoor conditions. “The Evolution is equipped with additional innovative features from Spaleck, making it the ideal solution for the demands placed on modern screening technologies today,” said Frederik Stening, the company’s head of application engineering.
The highly efficient SmartSUSPENSION air spring system is a radical new development. This latest technology reduces vibration levels to an absolute minimum and eliminates the need for an additional isolation frame. “SmartSUSPENSION isolates vibrations much more effectively than standard air spring systems – up to 99 per cent in fact,” explained Stening. The new FineSideCOVER side panel seal was also developed with current customer requirements in mind. This is the first system that allows users to replace the end components of their Flip-Flow screen easily and flexibly. “They can switch quickly and easily between a trough-shaped end for optimal screening material and a flat end for better screening performance,” said Stening.
The LubricationCONTROL unit is another key Evolution feature. This automated central lubrication device not only minimises risk of bearing damage but also reduces maintenance and service costs.  
Innovative features on Spaleck’s new Evolution screener include the FineSideCOVER and (below) the SmartSUSPENSION air spring system; the machine will be exhibited at IFAT 2018 

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