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09.04.2018 Integrated automation and control system increases FFS line efficiency

Windmöller & Hölscher, Lengerich, Germany, is offering a new integrated automation and operating concept for its FFS packaging line with EASY CONTROL, which enhances the efficiency of the line. It will be featured on the company’s stand at ACHEMA. Higher transparency, ease of use and the integration of the entire FFS line lead to increased efficiency and quality in production. The TOPAS FFS bagging system is widely employed worldwide with around 1000 references and is already the fastest FFS machine on the market today.
Until today, operators of FFS lines have been faced with the challenge of individually controlling and monitoring a line’s different components and third-party equipment. This results in loss of efficiency due to different operating systems, additional interfaces and error sources as well as lack of comprehensive production data. W&H as a full-line supplier of FFS bagging installations consisting of TOPAS FFS machine, PLATINUM palletizer and ARGON stretch hood machine, has now developed a modular automation and operating concept that increases uniformity across the entire FFS line.
"EASY CONTROL consists of various modules and can be individually tailored to the needs of the customer", explained Rafael Imberg, sales director FFS bagging systems at W&H. One new module allows the integration of third party equipment, such as metal detectors, inkjet printers and weighing scales, into the line management systems. The benefits are obvious: the operator only has to learn a single system. Another module provides a mobile function that makes status alerts available anywhere via smartphone or tablet PC. “The machine can report an upcoming roll change, for example, and the operator can then plan the most efficient route and resources in advance”, explained Imberg. Staff working in the back-office can use an ‘office’ function to pool and analyse all the production data. “We offer a database that covers the entire line and this has not been done before. The comprehensive analysis options enable companies to manage production far more effectively.” 
The complete FFS line from W&H, comprising the TOPAS, PLATINUM palletizer
and ARGON stretchhooder
A mobile function makes the status of the machine visible at anytime, anywhere, so operators can react quickly when necessary, thereby ultimately minimising downtime 

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