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16.04.2018 Flexible connector available with extra safety feature

New Zealand based BFM Global has recently introduced a safety feature for its popular BFM® fitting flexible connectors. The no-tool installation of these connectors already makes them a much safer option for workers, removing the risk of injury during replacement by slipping screwdrivers and the like. However, as with any flexible connection in a live production system, if the connector is removed at any time, there is always a potential risk that hands might be placed near dangerous moving parts, such as rotary valves and knives.
This latest product innovation will further enhance safety for workers when dealing with connector removal in these types of location. The new BFM Pneumatic Safety System pumps pressurised air between the silicone cuff of the BFM connector and the spigot. An air-line sensor immediately detects if this outward pressure is released as the connector cuff starts to be removed, setting off an alarm and/or shutting off any moving parts below. The Pneumatic Safety System will be exhibited by BFM Global at ACHEMA on Stand E40, Hall 9.1.  
BFM fitting flexible connector in action at a milk powder drying plant
BFM’s Pneumatic Safety System

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